Better Code Book

by ndepend's MVPs


As a thank you and to highlight the great work done by the blogging community, we have collected our favorite works from the past year in an e-book for easy reading. We focused on themes around static analysis, NDepend, and code testing in .NET. We particularly looked for how people used NDepend or analysis in their work and how to become better at their craft. 


Featuring the work of:

Tomasz Jaskula, Anthony Sciamanna, Prasad NarravulaBjørn Einar Bjartnes, Jack Robinson, and Erik Dietrich




  • The Importance of Static Code Analysis  

  • Decoupling Legacy Code Using NDepend 

  • Why Code Metrics are Important and How NDepend Can Help You

  • Iterate Towards Better Code Reviews

  • Relax, Everyone's Code Rots

  • Integrating NDepend with Teamcity 9




We hope you find the articles informative and enjoy them as much as we do.  


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