How to Define .NET Components with Namespaces

Learn how to reduce the cost of development and make your team more productive.

This white-book explains the advantages of using namespaces to define the boundaries of components in a .NET assembly.It also describes the best ways of using namespaces as components and how to continuously enforce relevant rules of namespace dependency.

The purpose is to assist a .NET development shop to rationalize the development of a large code base so as to let the developers become productive and to reduce the cost of maintenance.

It draws on years of experience gained in real-world consulting and development in various development corporations and has proved to be effective numerous times.

Table of Contents:

  • Defining components inside .NET assemblies
  • Using namespaces to define components
  • Size of components
  • Structuring larger components
  • Structuring code with Mediator, Feature and Base components
  • Acyclic graph of dependencies between components
  • 'Levelizing' existing code is often cheaper than expected
  • Evolutionary Design and Acyclic componentization
  • Guidelines 

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Define .NET Namespaces White Book