Looking for the Right Tool

Stago is a pharmaceutical firm which provides advanced testing systems and services to laboratories worldwide. Working in such an important industry, it was imperative for Stago to be able to provide bug-free systems on a timely schedule. Looking to improve their processes, they looked at current market offerings to find a solution that would help them become more efficient, communicate better, and help them produce quality products.  

NDepend: The Only Solution 

Stago found that NDepend was the only tool that completely addressed all their company's needs. After incorporating it into their development cycle, Stago's productivity increased, as did the quality of their work. After three years, they met every delivery deadline, streamlined their process, and as a result, gained an increasing amount of trust from their loyal clients. 

In this 3 page case study, they give their account of how NDepend fit their company's needs perfectly. 

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