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Siemens Healthcare Cuts Costs on Code Maintainability, Increases Developer Team Productivity, and Avoids Refactoring Drama

Siemens Healthcare is one of the world's largest medical device supplier today. Manufacturers of the world's first x-ray tubes for medical examination, their focus now lies in imaging equipment and consultation. They have been using NDepend for 7 years because it saved them time, enforced good code standards, cut costs in code maintainability and generally made their massive projects more easily manageable.  

In the case study, you will discover:

  • Why Siemens Healthcare chose NDepend 
  • How NDepend directly addressed the issues the company was having
  • How they use custom code metrics and the NDepend API to maintain their code
  • How Architects save time with NDepend
  • Lessons in avoiding refactoring drama


Download the Case Study